Articles for Digital Media

Article: “Rethinking Cyberfeminism(s): Race, Gender, and Embodiment” by Jessie Daniels


This article discusses the internet-based cultural divides between women and men based on various socioeconomic differences, but primarily on gender. The article explores the evolution of how women use the internet and the stereotypes associated with women who use the internet. It provides various instances of women fighting against the gender-domination that is not only prevalent but widely accepted both by female and male internet users, and examines the dangers inherent in said domination, as well as explores what women are doing/can do to gain influence over the digital world.


Website: I would suggest viewing the website mentioned at the beginning of the article, as an example of how cyberfeminism affects real world feminism. For a more interactive experience, play World of Warcraft or Call of Duty as whichever gender is opposite your own, then interact with “the opposite sex” to experience in the difference between how men and women are treated in internet “worlds.”




World of Warcraft:


Article: “All the Web’s a Stage” by Antony Bruno


This article discusses the benefits and pitfalls of the internet as a forum for fame. As sites like YouTube grow in popularity, it becomes easier and easier for artists to bypass traditional forums like agencies and publishers/record labels/movie studios in order to have their work seen. However, this new medium for “self-publishing” also leaves artists to the dangers of not being seen, being categorized with lesser (or greater art undeservingly, and, of course, not receiving anything but recognition for their performance.


Website: Watch any of Bo Burnham’s music on Youtube—his internet videos have led him to booked shows and even a recording deal. His videos (which are just him sitting in his room singing) have millions of hits. Compare these to the now-famous “WoW Freakout” which has thirty-five million hits. Which deserves fame? Do either?





(accessed through Chinook)



Bo Burnham


WoW Freakout


Article: “Using Gaming to Teach” Curriculum Review; Feb2009, Vol. 48 Issue 6, p10-11, 2p


This article discusses the various pros of using gaming (specifically video games) for educational purposes within the classroom. It explores the various ways in which the new medium can enhance children’s interest level and performance in a cariety of subjects, including those in which America lags behind other countries.



Has a variety of brightly colored, flashy games which I personally found more distracting than educational, but they’re fun to play around with, and may be stimulating for younger users.



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